Jewellery 16-18" Brown Glass Dichroic Lampwork Beaded Women’s Choker Necklace Nw

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The waxed cotton brown strapping of this piece of womens
jewellery is uniquely set off by the brown glass dichroic lampwork beaded
choker interspersed with clear glass pieces into which there are embedded small
pieces, giving off an erotic effect.  The
overall choker has the span of 16 inches (40cms) that can be adjusted out to 18
inches (45cms) and the whole effect is one of delicate enhancement.


The overall effect of this predominantly brown piece of
womens jewellery highlights the representation of the Earth and is known to
signify a solid wholesome feeling, a connection with our environment and
orderliness with convention.  If you know
someone who you believe needs to feel pretty, grounded and having a higher
mental focus, then this is the ideal gift for them.

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