Hematite Gem Acrylic Beaded Stretch Bracelet Bangle NEW

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Hematite is a solid grey colour with a lovely lustre to the gem. Each gem stone is approximately 11 mm X 6.5 mm X 4 mm and had a flat back and rounded front. The acrylic beads are approximately 4.5 mm in diameter.

The bracelet is strung on two lots of beading elastic and this bracelet is approximately 7 inches or nearly 18 cm in length. This bracelet is designed to sit against the skin for maximum contact with gems.

Hematite gems are a medicinal healing stone that is said to help arthritis and the regeneration of bones. A great all rounder gem stone to balance the mind and calm thoughts, so things become clearer.

A great gift for yourself or someone else that you may like to help with healing gems.

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