Fancy Wood Beads Surf Jewellery – 50

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Fancy Wood Beads Surf Jewellery – 50: Casual and Versatile Wooden Beads for Stylish Accessories

A collection of versatile wooden beads perfect for creating unique and fashionable accessories. Crafted from high-quality wood, each bead has a diameter of approximately 9mm and a hole size of about 2.5mm.

These beads are ideal for all your jewelry-making needs and are available at a remarkably affordable price.

Whether you’re designing surf-inspired necklaces or trendy bracelets, these Fancy Wood Beads are a must-have. Their casual yet stylish appeal adds a charming touch to any accessory.

Each lot weighs approximately 10 grams and includes about 50 pieces, giving you plenty of beads to work with.

Embrace the natural beauty of wood and let your creativity soar with our Fancy Wood Beads Surf Jewellery – perfect for expressing your individual style with a touch of coastal floral charm.

 Fancy Wooden Beads Fancy Wooden Beads



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