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Wearable handmade Jewellery

IB FLICKR GROUP PICKS: WEARABLE HANDMADEBy Irene Zuccarello, on August 5th, 2012English Italiano1. Vintage styled necklace by the blue rabbit house | 2. Vintage MOP button and Citrine Floral necklace by AdobeSol | 3. Wooden necklaces by lisaradecke | 4. Geometric brooches by Mouseblossom | 5. Owl Necklace by We Love Stitches | 6. Natura bracelet and ring by rRradionicaThis week it’s the time of your best handmade wearable jewels!All really lovely. And the first pic is so simply perfect.

Source: IB Flickr group picks: Wearable handmade | Imaginative Bloom