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Heart Necklaces

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With February already here – well, I guess it’s not really here, still a day away – I’ve been getting some emails and questions about my heart necklaces. I normally create a new design each year and good news, I’ve got one in the works. However, until I’m ready to share that tutorial, I’m re-posting some info on necklaces from years past. I’ve had a couple of emails from people finding the picture of the necklace on Pinterest but then couldn’t find the tutorial to make it – to make it easier for you, I’ve included the link below for you. These necklaces can be pulled together pretty easily and without much expense. Plus, you can get the kiddos involved. My girls are getting too old for craft-dates with friends (I know, it’s sad) but when they were a little younger, we invited a bunch of their friends over and we made these. They were a hit!

Source: Then she made…: The Love Season is Here – DIY Heart Necklaces!