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Spiral pendant

Spiral pendant with spherical stone without hole – Handmade jewelry from copper wire

This pendant was inspired by the mussel, snail. It as one cage should can use any size and shape stone you have ( with hole or no hole)With simple steps and simple tools Anyone can make their own accessories

With creativity you can change some details to create your own style wire size to make pendant with stone

diameter 12mm 19 gauge ( wire diameter 0.9mm ) : 30cm( 12 inch)28 gauge ( wire diameter 0,3mm ) : 40cm( 16 inch)TIPS :-

Before doing, Always be sure to straighten the wire for a more beautiful product-

Can use a towel to straighten the wire.-

Can hang any type you want- It is difficult to see the wrapping clearly, so wrap as you like-

Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire for jewelry more valuable

Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself- I just give way reference, not the best way.

Can change size wire to suit your purpose. You can do better than me.