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Make Your Own Coil Crimp Ends

Great DIY Coil Crimp Ends

How versatile are these? Thank you to The Cerebral Dilettante for this great tutorial, you can see more on their page, see at the bottom of this post.

Ribbon and leather cording is all the rage, and many of you are probably contemplating adding it to your jewelry repertoire. Finishing off the ends can be a bit of a head-scratcher when you first start out though, especially if you haven’t had time to explore all the products and techniques available for attaching your cording sections to the rest of your piece.The first piece I ever sold on Etsy had 2mm Greek leather on it, and I faked up some coil ends on it–I had bought some simple, cheapie ones at the craft store and was trying to copy them. The only think I could think to do was wrap the wire around the ends of the leather and make a loop at the end, but it was really frustrating because the leather was kind of floppy.

Source: The Cerebral Dilettante: Make Your Own Coil Crimp Ends