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Geometric Wow series: Jewelry | Imaginative Bloom



By Irene Zuccarello, on October 18th, 2011

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Today I’m starting a new series called “Geometric Wow“. I think that creating a series following a theme is a funny way to explore and find fresh inspiration. Isn’t it? 🙂

So on next weeks I’ll publish other post from this series… keep your eyes wide open and be the first to spread it to your creative friends!  Let’s start!

Bow Tie Necklaces. These are from Jess at Jess Amity shop on Etsy.

It’s mostly a vintage shop but I found in it these repurposed ties and immediately loved them.

These geometric jewels come from Iveth Morales,  TheAngryWeather on Etsy.

You can find Iveth also on Twitter, Facebook, and blogging at Mademoiselle Cranky Pants.

Lately I’m going crazy for these kind of bracelets.

Do you remember my recent post about “10 DIY tutorials for the most fashionable bracelets of the moment“?

I definitely want to try to make one with fabric too!

The wonders above are by thiefandbandit. Love Love Love (…as the Beatles say)!

Geometric designs from vintage book covers here!

They’re by Rachel Loves Bob. You can also read her blog here and like her Facebook page here.

Above you’re seeing some super colorful geometries by Boo and Boo Factory.

They’re made of hand cut leather.

And here the blog, Twitter and the Facebook page.

Lovely sculpture jewelry made with wire by Lotta Losten.

Lotta blogs here, tweets here and you can like her on Facebook here.

And these are hand painted on wood by vickygonart. I really like the antique effect given to these art works.

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