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Jewellery Making Silver Locket

Jewellery Making Silver Locket Alan Revere | August 29, 2012 | Comments (1)   The procedures in this article are standard practices for bench jewelers at this time. If not executed properly, however, they can cause harm. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for injuries, losses, or damage that may result from the […]

Knot stud earrings tutorial

Great Stud earrings tutorial Source: Knot stud earrings | Fridas Peach

Earrings made of wire

Earrings made of wire with his hands in the Wire Wrapping techniques for beginners. For the manufacture of earrings to Wire Wrapping technique we need: copper wire with a diameter of 1 mm (18 ga) length of 150 mm – 2 pieces, 2 shvenzy for earrings ( you can do it yourself ), 2 beads. […]

How To Dap Metal For Jewellery

Beadaholique’s Kathleen shows us how to use metal and wooden dapping tools to dome metal pieces for jewelry making. Quickly and easily add a new dimension to your metal components, stamping blanks or filigree pieces. Source: Videos: How To Dap Metal For Jewelry | Beadaholique  

Videos: How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop Hook and Eye Clasp | Beadaholique

Beadaholique have some great tutorials as well as fantastic products! In this video, learn how to make a hook and eye clasp using 18 gauge wire which attaches to your jewelry piece via a wrapped wire loop on each half of the clasp. This versatile clasp is sleek enough for modern pieces yet has enough […]

Jewelry Making Journal

Jewelry Making

  Jewelry Making When you cut a piece of wire, the ends are usually rough or sharp. We don’t want to them to scratch or poke anything.And besides that, wire jewelry just looks much nicer when the wire ends have been neatly smoothed off.Here are three different tools you can use to smooth off your […]

How to Make a Copper Stamped Bracelet

Copper Stamped Bracelet Copper has a beautiful color and makes an economical alternative to sterling silver when making custom jewelry. This tutorial will explain how to take a piece of copper sheet metal and turn it into a stunning stamped copper cuff bracelet to add to your fashion jewelry collection. Source: How to Make a […]

Jewelry Making with Alternative Metals

Making with Alternative Metals Jewelry Making with Alternative Metals: Upcycled Cookie-Tin Earrings | See more about Jewelry making, Metals and Earrings. Source: Jewelry Making with Alternative Metals: Upcycled Cookie-Tin Earrings | See more about Jewelry making, Metals and Earrings.

Pendant Necklaces & Glass Magnets

Pendant Necklaces & Glass Magnets Source: Sabby In Suburbia: Homemade Christmas: Pendant Necklaces & Glass Magnets

Metal Clay

metal clay

Metal Clay     Ms. Wanaree Tanner wows us once again with her amazing tips and techniques for working with metal clay. This time Ms. Tanner will teach you the skills you need for operating the Silhouette CAMEO®Cutter for creations with metal clay. The Silhouette CAMEO® is an electronic, programable cutting tool. Plug into your […]

Basic Guide to Beads on Behance

Guide to Beads

Guide to Beads   Infographic: Basic Guide to Beads I created this infographic as a quick way for people to identify some of the more common types of beads (it would be impossible to cover every type, as there’s a pretty much infinite variety). I also make jewellery, so this project seemed like a great […]

Metal Clay Starter Kit
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