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Cabochon Wrapping

[amazon_link asins=’B072K5M2JS,B06XKQCXHY,B01I4A5N0Y,B00ALH7I7K,B01MU3KECN,B01KTR4TRI,B079FLD7LF,B079YHNZT4,B06XKHMSJ8′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5a0988ec-e897-11e8-a6a6-3195b62de2ba’] This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you how to wrap a cab (Cabochon Wrapping) with the wire of your choice. A Cabochon is a flat backed stone with a beveled front that has no holes. By wrapping it with wire, you can easily make pendants, earrings, or […]

Make Jewelry: Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1 of 4)

[amazon_link asins=’B000XZUCLE,B01EF69TK6,B00IP5O51W,B00E8RT8BI,B002JPKVWG,B009CFY78U,B000SNBC74,B000GBT8TM,B0785PDJZ7′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’193767f0-e896-11e8-b3e2-dd02b723fa73′] Learn to make your own beautiful jewellery from home with this online tutorial from the London Jewellery School. This is the first in a 4 part course. To learn to make more amazing jewellery online visit: http://www.jewelleryschoolonline.com and for face-to-face courses and learning in London, visit: http://www.londonjewelleryschool.co.uk This video […]

How to Cast Silver and Gold

One afternoon Andrew was casting some solid gold balls to go on a torque bangle he was making. He decided to quickly grab a point and shoot vlogging camera and made this quick film. It shows you the techniques involved in using the Delft Clay casting system available world wide. You can achieve superb results […]

DIY Pendants Bracelets earrings and Hairclips

DIY Pendants

[amazon_link asins=’B0768GHQPX,B071YZDQ3J,B074H7XYCX,B075L1Q11T,B0794VR26F,B00OZKEKAM,B075R8L9BL,B005APABRW,B071RRGD3R,B00FENYPOK’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2d555f04-cc66-11e8-91f6-67aa43b9a3c1′]    

How I Make My Shibori Ribbon – YouTube

[amazon_link asins=’1568363966,B01LXLRHBC,1782211411,B06WRS9BYJ,1844482693,B06Y4TCBR3,B01LM19EGQ,156836380X,B0777VNG4D’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a629df23-ce69-11e8-bf7e-bd4e4309aa9b’]   Techniques   There are an infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth for shibori, and each way results in very different patterns. Each method is used to achieve a certain result, but each method is also used to work in harmony with the type […]

Step By Step Shibori Necklace with fringe – YouTube

[amazon_link asins=’B019CTNR8G,B0775RSX94,0823048152,B06XSFBK3V,B07H2SZ4TX,B0777VNG4D,B003IIN7HO,B06WRS9BYJ,B00MGUN93C,1568363966′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’41f8a75a-ce6a-11e8-a0d2-83dd8badbf16′] Shibori Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The word comes from the verb root shiboru, “to wring, squeeze, press.” Although shibori is used to designate a particular group of resist-dyed textiles, the verb root […]

Pouring a Jar and Pendants

Pouring a Jar and Pendants

The amazing reason mothers in India are giving their babies wearable medical records.

[amazon_link asins=’B01A2B5FJW,B0752S8NY4,B073VNTWN8,B077TFK9TL,B01G5BY7F6,B01LE4FIGQ,B07CNGWPBS,B074KZ7N96,B06ZYL16PD,B07C7KBKMX’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6f4639fe-b09c-11e8-b860-e9d41da7d2ed’] When Ruchit Nagar’s parents moved to Houston, Texas, in the late 1980s, they had no idea their son would grow up to save children’s lives in their home country of India. Then again, it wasn’t exactly a total surprise, though, as their son had been interested in global health […]

Wood Opal Resin – Create Handmade Jewelry

Hi, I am Miha, the artist behind Wood all Good. Wood all Good is a brand which is dedicated to creating unique designs handcrafted from wood and resin. Recently I have decided to incorporate lab-made opal into my resin/wood work. The results? Original jewelry designs that resemble miniature worlds with mountains, galaxies, and northern lights. […]

5 Old Photos From History That’ll Blow Your Minds

We have this idea that history was all pomp and circumstance, and despite this site’s best efforts to ruin/improve your understanding, it’s a myth that persists. Case in point: There are certain places that you immediately think of as being boring forever. But once you dig into the richness of history, you kinda find the […]

DIY Rings

[amazon_link asins=’B000ONF116,B000ONA3YG,B000ONF0YE,B0030N2OMQ,B0792T5GG8,B07B8FBDK1,B003RWJCPM,B0014XEO68,B076KR6266,B00409QWHM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’de2f4c13-ad15-11e8-bf0c-514823119f42′]     HelenaDaydreamer Published on Oct 14, 2017  Another “DIY rings” tutorial my lovely friends and I have 10 diy rings to show you, so if you’d like to know How to make a ring fast and easily, this ring tutorial is for you! You all know I love […]

Hand Stamped Jewellery

[amazon_link asins=’B0757LFGSB,B01EF69TK6,B00E8RT8BI,B01DTD4SP2,B00164SF6U,B00BOZ79UO,B074Q9FJ7Y,B06XCZ3TDG,B00VXJOL02,B06XDGR9TL’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’79e87030-ad13-11e8-b7dd-4dfd0b26b7e2′]   Adrianne Surian Published on Sep 16, 2015 SUBSCRIBE 12K If you’ve seen the beautiful hand stamped charm necklaces around the necks of all your friends, this video is for you! Designed for the beginner, these simple, tiny brass discs can be stamped with names, words, or just initials […]

Cricut Embossing With Metal Clay

[amazon_link asins=’B001894CJ2,1596687134,B00HHCXF6U,B001ED3JMS,B009X16Q4G,1463576471,B00HHCXE70,B001896EM0,0896894304,0896895947′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e051d209-acfa-11e8-96cd-1336cad31607′] Aussie Metal Clay Published on Feb 5, 2017 SUBSCRIBE 1.3K Thank you Kim Booklass for another informative video using Rolled out sheets of Aussie Metal Clay SuperFlex being cut on a Cricut Machine. Valentine heart, ready for firing Kim’s ClayStay can be purchased from the following sites: Australia: www.aussiemetalclay.com […]

New Molds and Resin

[amazon_link asins=’B07BM9LHRB,B00CVYNQ4U,B0018N9E3M,B01LYK2NAG,B074R774S6,B0058V9KMK,B001CEMU3I,B00NLPCA5Y,B01LWT156B’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’eb448352-acf9-11e8-a1a9-e1c068692d32′] Playing with New Molds and Resin  sparemarbles2012 Published on Jan 19, 2015  Results of some of the new molds I got from NatashaScrapbooKorner, and demo of the thin molds, with some trial and error. Link to store below. TFW 🙂 NatashaScrapbooKorner shop http://www.zibbet.com/NatashaScrapboo… [amazon_link asins=’1627004025,1596686448,1495282562,B00EX6JSGY,0823027236,0823003442,1782213376,1440318727,B074N6DYV6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’faecff60-acf9-11e8-9909-4d1d0eb28889′] […]

Using Styrofoam To Texture Metal Clay

[amazon_link asins=’B001894CJ2,1596687134,B00HHCXF6U,B00HHCXE70,B009X16Q4G,1463576471,B001896EM0,178221044X,B001892KTG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’spmesi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1ca1fc55-aceb-11e8-a883-7534186435c5′]     Using Styrofoam To Texture Metal Clay (4PAM_7)by Wanaree TannerFeb 18, 2012I usually sit down once or twice a year, draw up a bunch of designs, then make photopolymer or rubber texture plates. All in all it’s a pretty laborious, time consuming process, and I end up trying […]

Metal Clay Starter Kit
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