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Birds Of Paradise By Russian Artist Julia Gorina

Julia Gorina is well known in Russia under the username’ Fly-Fenix’ and this is no coincident: her exquisite jewelry birds astonish with their beauty and accuracy of execution. She explains,’ I’ve always wanted to be a’ winging phoenix’ because a creative flight of thoughts and a reborn from the ashes are my life mottos.’

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Artist’s studies are unique and made of the finest materials according to Julia’s own intends.’ Each specimen must say something, it’s a kind of a dialog between my client and myself, ’ says the craftswoman,’ And some things shall remain unchanged: they are my true love and respect for my job and my clients.’

Julia has a lot of followers as she often devotes lessons and conducts various workshops. But her own signature style is well recognizable due to the highest level of mastery the craftswoman has achieved. When you look at all those fantastic brooches, earrings, necklaces and hair clips you just can’t assistance marveling at Julia’s skill. Perhaps it’s just some sort of a trick and the artist actually knows how to catch Paradise birdies? We’ll never know for sure.

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