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15 Different Types of Earring Backs (Plus Interesting Facts)

15 Different Types of Earring Backs (Plus Interesting Facts) PopoptiqToronto’s Ira Carlin a.k.a. The Earring Doctor invented the earring back plastic disc in 1984. Known as “Le Disc,” this plastic backing caused an online debate in 2015 on whether it should be worn off the earrings. Carlin himself settled the Great Earring Debate when he clarified that people should “leave it on.”The plastic earring backs served a functional purpose which was to stabilize the earrings when it’s too heavy for the ears. Jewel experts also explained that “the larger the earring back, the more stable and secure the earring wears.” Plus, the plastic protection keeps those gaping earholes from getting worse.Table of Contents [hide]TypesClip EarringsFrench ClipsFrench WiresJumbo Earring BacksLa Pousette BacksLatch BacksLever BacksPush BacksSaddlebacksScrew PostsMaterials for Earring BacksGold BacksPlastic BacksRubber BacksSilver BacksStainless Steel BacksSome Interesting Facts about EarringsTypesClip EarringsThese earrings are made for people who do not have pierced ears. They usually consist of a clip attached to a hinge, which grabs the earlobe so the earring stays in place. Sometimes, people wear this type of earring even though their ears are pierced, the most noticeable example includes the wearing of costume jewelry, which tends to be quite large and somewhat heavy. Extra-heavy pieces can damage or even stretch your earlobe because of their weight, but clip-on earrings prevent that from happening.French ClipsSource: QP JewellersAlso called Omega backs, French clips can be worn with both pierced and non-pierced earrings. They have a clasp that grips the earlobe firmly, and they are commonly found in earrings which contain gemstones. With some French clips, there is a screw that attaches to the back even more firmly. It essentially has a post attached to the top section of the earring and a clasp with a hole in it and that post goes through once you close it.French WiresAlso called fish hooks, they are usually attached to the end of fairly heavy earrings, like teardrop-shaped earrings, and the weight of the earrings keeps them in place. The backs are curved wire hooks that fit through your ear, but which don’t require any type of back because they are long enough to do the job by themselves. In addition, these types of wires are usually fairly long, because this is the best way to make sure they keep the earrings in place.Jumbo Earring BacksSource: AmazonUsually made out of some type of plastic, these are large round backs that look like discs, and as soon as you put them on, they flatten the earlobe and make the earring lay more evenly. Many people wear these instead of other types of backs because of the way they make the earrings look.In addition, these are some of the most comfortable earring backs to wear because they are normally made out of plastic, and the clear plastic ones have an added benefit of being invisible, making it easier to wear them with earrings of all sizes, shapes, and colors. They also come in rubber instead of plastic in many instances.La Pousette BacksSource: EtsyThese backs are specially designed with a post that has an indentation in it, so even if the back happens to slide down the post, it will get stuck there and not fall off. The back has a spring-loaded mechanism which is pressure activated, and the way it works is simple. You squeeze both ends of the back at the same time and it opens up to allow insertion onto the post. If you want to take the earrings off, simply squeeze the ends again and pull it over the post, and it will come off immediately.Latch BacksSource: AmazonUsed mostly on heavy earrings such as hoops and dangling ones, these backs have a hinged post which attaches to a metal catch. The shape of the catch varies according to the style. The catches on latch backs are usually loop-shaped or U-shaped, so the back of the earrings consists of a basic look – a short post that fits neatly into a loop of some type.Lever BacksSource: EtsyJust like latch backs, these backs consist of a hinged post and metal catch that attach together, and the catch comes in various types. Although latch backs and saddlebacks usually have loop-shaped or U-shaped catches, the catches on lever backs are usually made out of a lever and spring that clasp together to keep the earring on.This type of earring back essentially makes a loop and has a small hole at the end of the loop, which is where the rest of the earring (the gem, and much more) is attached to, and the loop attaches together at some point.Push BacksSource: AmazonThese are also called post or butterfly backs. These are very standard earring backs, especially when it comes to basic stud earrings. They are butterfly shaped and made out of thin wire, with a small hole in the middle that the earring fits into, giving it a very snug fit. You can also buy just the push backs if you like, which is common because it is easy to lose these types of earring b

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