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10 DIY tutorials for bracelets

10 DIY TUTORIALS FOR THE MOST FASHIONABLE BRACELETS OF THE MOMENTBy Irene Zuccarello, on September 15th, 2011English ItalianoI think you already know my endless love for DIY tutorials.If you follow me also in the IB Facebook page you see how often I share my favorite tutorials found around the web.I’ve put together 10 DIY projects with step by step instructions to create by yourself the most fashionable bracelets of the moment.Many of them are identical or very similar to some that are for sale in stores and from brands such as Miansai, and shown on fashion magazines or worn by VIPS (Les Mads).And the best part is that we are able to do all this by ourselves, with an amazingly low budget.Ready? Go!The first bracelet, in the image above, comes from a tutorial by Natalia Rosin. I adore it.Visit the link and look at all the pictures. It’s perfect for a vintage styled outfit.These yellow wonders are upcycled at AtSecondStreet. How beautiful?I have lots of old bags… I have to definitely try!And the bow bracelets! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e  and so simple to do!  I’ve found these three versions.A bow will be soon on my wrist too. That’s for sure!The first version in brown leather is from Oh The Lovely Things .The second one, made of fabric, is from Jen at My Own Road.The third bow is from maikitten.And finally the explanation of what I asked to myself so many times: how is it possible to create a braid from a piece of leather without “open laces”.In this tutorial by Martha Stewart you will see how. For me has been illuminating!The friendship bracelets, a must.  They seem to never be out of fashion.These amazing versions are by Honestly WTF.Another one! A fabric braided bracelet at HowJoyful blog. Imagine how many fabrics you can use…Again from Erica at Honestly WTF a tutorial for the Rope bracelets (very similar to the ones from Miansai).I found they’re perfectly matchable with some of the most popular current fashion trends. And so cheap to do!And another style, for the most “girly” girls, with a touch of vintage. This fabric bracelet tutorial is by Sew Craft Create blog.And other two “bonus tutorials” for you:  here (a total vintage mood) and here (love love love, you learn how to knit a jersey bracelet just using your fingers!!)Really really hope you enjoyed my collection of bracelet tutorials.I’ve put it together with aaaall my love!Enjoy!

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