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Jewellery Birthstones


Jewellery BirthStones Ancient traditional birthstones are society-based birthstones. Month Birthstone Colour  January Birthstone Rose Quartz Garnet Pink  Dark Red  February Birthstone Amethyst Onyx  Purple Black or Green  March Birthstone Aquamarine Bloodstone  Pale Blue Red-Green  April Birthstone  Diamond White Sapphire Quartz  Clear White Clear  May Birthstone  Emerald Chrysoprase  Deep Green Green  June Birthstone  Pearl Moonstone Alexandrite […]

Hallmarks and Metals

Hallmark and Metal meanings

Hallmarks and Metals Base metal, pot metal, white metal   Any combination of any alloys of non-precious metals. Brass Metal An alloy of copper and zinc which has a yellow dark gold colour. Bronze Metal A brownish alloy of copper and tin that is not used much in costume jewelry because it is very dense and […]

Cleaning Jewellery

Cleaning Jewellery - Spoil Me Silly Jewellery

Cleaning Jewellery Cleaning jewellery tips for those special pieces or for your everyday accessories is a matter of what not to do. Look after your jewellery or it could lose its shine very quickly. Do not expose your jewellery to chemicals or cleaning products, avoid contact with hair products, abrasive soaps, seawater and even tap […]

Rings sizes and Conversions

Ring size converter

  Ring, Toe Ring sizes and Conversions Inside Diam Inside Diam Inside Circum Inside Circum Sizes (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm) Can or U.S. UK or Aust Jap Swiss 0.618 15.7 1.941 49.3 5 J 1/2 9 0.634 16.1 1.991 50.6 5 1/2 K 1/2 10 0.65 16.5 2.041 51.8 6 L 1/2 11 12.75 0.666 […]

Gemstone Meanings

Amber and sterling silver pendant

 Gemstone Meanings and History  Short descriptions and history of gemstone meanings. We have a gorgeous array of beautiful gemstone crystals available to us to make into the most amazing pieces of jewellery. Each gemstone is unique and has its own individual colour and lustre making each piece of jewellery made from with the gemstone an […]

Anniversary Gifts

 Anniversary Gifts for your Wedding anniversary We hope our chart helps you to get that special anniversary gifts for your loved one.  Anniversary Gifts  

Metal Clay Starter Kit
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