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Purrmaid Necklaces By Girl And Her Cat

Found on the GirlAndHerCat Etsy page, these little purrmaid necklaces are truly precious. Every single necklace is hand-made by Sarah B. and is also possible customized to any colour or special features you’d like. From sparkly sequined tails to simple gold tails – Sarah B can make it all! She can even induce you a […]

Cat Earrings: How I Turned My Hobby Into Business

Hello! My epithet is Rita and I’m a Cat Addict. Every day I need a new dosage of catdrugs. I will tell my tale and maybe it will save you. I invested all of my childhood in a Russian village. There were kine, ghouls, chicken, ducks, animals and of course cats all around. Since childhood, […]

Creative and Practical Ways To Use LEGO Around the House (Without Stepping On Any!)

For the last several decades, LEGO has been a standard toy staple may be in pretty much every home that has children( or nostalgic adults) in it. They were first created by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1934; since then, over 400 billion of the familiar plastic bricks have been made. Aaaand […]

LoveCrafts, a social network and marketplace for makers, raises $33M

Facebook may have the generalist, mass-market social network on lockdown, but when it comes to communities based around special interests, the playing field remains full of promise. Today, a U.K. startup called Pinterest, Ravelryand Griffith will not talk in specifics, but says there are currently millions who visit LoveCraftsto download patterns( there are more than […]

I teach middle schoolers. I have a student who dabbles in polymer clay crafting. She made me this.

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10 Cute Best Friend Necklaces You’ll Actually Want To Wear As An Adult

Back in secondary school, you and your best friend probablyhad multiple defines of matching BFF necklaces from Claire’s. When you pieced them together, they told the world you two are Best Pal. Even though the idea of best friend necklaces can seem totally #TBT, you still love showing off to the world you and your […]

This Japanese Artist Does Something Amazingly Creepy And Artistic

It’s rare when you find art that is at that perfect intersection of creative and creepy. I think it’s safe to say, though, that Tokyo-based artist Shinji Nakaba knows how to strike that balance.

Since 1974, Nakaba has been in the jewelry-making business. His speciality is attaining unique and beautiful parts that he calls wearable statues. His latest project? This series of intricately carven pearl skulls.

“I just want to bring brand-new life to something that has no value, ” said Nakaba about his work.

Nakaba doesn’t merely work with precious metal to make his art. Some of his pieces are induce with aluminum beer cans, plastic bottles, or even just plain old garbage.

For this series, Nakaba struggled to find the right medium for carving.

He went through coral, crystal, ivory, and even precious stones before resolving on pearls without cores.

Without a core, Nakaba is able to achieve a smoother engraving without worrying about the pearl shredding or peeling.

“I’ve experimented with different types of materials to carve out skulls, but the ones I carved out of pearls are by far the best in terms of the durability. I likewise supposed the contradiction between pristine pearls turning into these dark objects seemed even more appealing. I would call them ‘Fairy Skulls , ‘” writes Nakaba.

“Only pearls can stimulate my idea of ephemeral charm into reality.”

If I could render it, I would buy several dozen of these.

( via Mystical Raven)

For more amazing “wearable sculptures, ” make sure to visit Nakaba’s website here. You can also find him on Etsy and you can purchase parts from him here!

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Playing with New Molds and Resin – YouTube

How to create a herringbone weave bracelet | Jewellery Making Hints & Tips | JewelleryMaker.com

HOW TO CREATE A TIGERS EYE HERRINGBONE WEAVE BRACELET YOU WILL NEED: 7 x Tigers Eye beads (1 x 12mm, 2 x 10mm, 4 x 6mm) Beading Thread 2 x 1m Stone Grey Waxed Cord 1 x 1m Light Brown Waxed Cord 2 x Crimp Beads 1 x S Clasp 2 x Jumprings Macramé Board […]

Beaded Autum Leaf Necklace

HOW TO MAKE AN AUTUMNAL LEAF NECKLACE. LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN AUTUMNAL LEAF NECKLACE. Bright, bold accessories remain on trend as we transition into fall, create the perfect statement necklace for Autumn with this week’s Hints and Tips tutorial. Nothing portrays Autumn better than gorgeous, warm reds, golds and ambers! All of which are combined […]

Dip Dye Wedding Dress Trend Will Make Your Big Day More Colorful

If you’re tired of all-white traditional wedding dresses – dip it in some dye or airbrush it. We’re not joking! This dip dye wedding dress trend not only gives your formal dress a colorful touch, it also solves one major problem that many brides face. Enyone who has attended a wedding probably saw how dirty […]

Cartier diamond ring worth 750,000 lost by British Museum

Jewellery went missing in 2011 and prompts calls for increased security at central London museum The British Museum has revealed that it lost a 750,000 diamond ring in 2011, raising concerns about the museums security procedures. The Cartier ring went missing from the central London museum, but the circumstances behind its disappearance six years ago […]

Hippie Bracelet Tutorial

Hippie Bracelet Tutorial

DIY – Wrap Bracelet

DIY – Wrap Bracelet  

DIY Stamped Jewelry

DIY Stamped Jewelry  

Metal Clay Starter Kit
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