Spoil Me Silly Jewellery

Hello and welcome to our awesome store! Spoil Me Silly Jewellery, jewellery makingand Gifts Based in South Australian we have been dealing in jewellery industry since 1994. We would like to make your shopping experience as easy and stress free as possible. We are a small compact highly energetic business with a high regard to our customers satisfaction. Over the last nearly 20 years we have been dealing with Australians and International buyers. We source our products from all over the world and of course in Australia too. A lot of out items are made right here in the Mid North South Australia. Come on over and check us out in our social media forums and we hope to see you back on our web site. So you don't miss out on our sales, sign up for our Newsletter. Don't forget that we have free postage inside Australia.

Jewellery Birthstones

Jewellery BirthStones Ancient traditional birthstones are society-based birthstones. Month Birthstone Colour  January Birthstone Rose Quartz Garnet Pink  Dark Red  February Birthstone Amethyst Onyx  Purple Black or Green  March Birthstone Aquamarine Bloodstone  Pale Blue Red-Green  April Birthstone  Diamond White Sapphire Quartz  Clear White Clear  May Birthstone  Emerald Chrysoprase  Deep Green Green  June Birthstone  Pearl Moonstone Alexandrite […]